Friday, January 12, 2007


The Petition

This petition is on behalf of the HSCT Technobots, who are the robotics team for the High School of Computers and Technology. We and our mentors are working towards the goal of implementing robotics programs into all schools in the city and if possible, the United States. We are not able to come up with the funds on our own so we are putting out there a petition to be signed by you the senators so that we can see all schools with robotics programs. We appreciate your support and your signatures for our cause.

Outreach Group

Many of the reasons that we want robotics programs in many schools and hopefully the United States is because like us it will encourage many other to begin a journey to achieve in school by cooperating with the teachers that will work with if they ever do go to a robotics program. Many others benefit from learning more than they should but nonetheless they will be able to learn engineering. That is also the FIRST Robotics® chairman wish that all schools start implementing more Math and Science so that more kids would be interested in Engineering.

Outreach Group